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CANADIAN PLACE ENDOSCOPY: Leaders in Digestive Health Screening in the Mississauga Area

Founded in 2009, Canadian Place Endoscopy has quickly become a respected outpatient clinic dedicated to performing colonoscopies and gastroscopies in a professional and relaxing environment. Through open and honest communication, exceptional diagnosis and compassionate care, Dr. Sundeep Rai and associates work hard to give you the high quality health care service you deserve.

At Canadian Place Endoscopy, we understand that having your digestive tract — including the colon, esophagus, stomach and small intestine — screened for cancer or other diseases or disorders is the last thing you want to consider. But we also know that accurate screening is the most effective way to prevent colorectal cancer or detect other gastrointestinal conditions that can’t be diagnosed in any other way.

That’s why we are committed to providing the most timely, innovative, comfortable and minimally invasive diagnostic services and treatment available.

Appointments in Weeks, Not Months

Whether you are ready for a routine colonoscopy or require a gastroscopy to diagnose and treat unexplained digestive pain, you should never have to wait months before you can be seen. At Canadian Place Endoscopy, we strive to schedule an appointment within two weeks.

When possible, we provide your results immediately after you have recovered from sedation. When a biopsy is required, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss your results in person.

Respected by Our Patients

We take pride in what our patients  have to say about their experiences with Canadian Place Endoscopy. You can read their testimonials here.



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